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The Josephine Dotson Center for Change understands the importance of keeping families together. Families need time to heal and recover from the negative life event(s) that led to their homelessness.

Housing and Resource Center

We will provide housing for two years to ensure families gain the skills, resources and tools that lead to permanent self-sufficiency. The two-year program will provide daily support and educational programs. Adult family members are required to work at least 30 hours per week or part-time and attend school. Family will be required to save 15 percent of all income. Another 15 percent of income will be used to pay off debt. Families will be responsible for providing their own food and hygiene products. Within the first-year families will be required to complete life skills training in problem solving, time management, money management and parenting skills. JDCC will partner with local community organizations to offer Fast Track GED Certification, trade school and two-year associate programs.

Case Management

During the evening families will meet with case managers to develop and review action plans that includes short- and long-term goals, financial plans and cleaning up past debt. The Josephine Dotson Center for Change will also partner will local high schools for volunteer opportunities to mentor kids and provide tutoring for kids and adults. We will also partner with local colleges and universities to provide intern opportunities for social worker, counselors, business administration, accounting and social and public health students.


Lack of transportation in a rural setting can hamper a family’s ability to recover from homelessness. The Josephine Dotson Center for Change will provide transportation support for families working and attending school in the immediate area.

Day Care

Child day care is also another absorbent expense for families. We will provide free day care for non-school aged children.